Best Alternatives To Omegle

Omegle is a free website that is formed by an interface, which allows any user to keep a random chat with another individual anonymously or through aliases described by the same user. Omegle gives each person the opportunity to contact other people who share their interests, so conversations can be more enjoyable for people, basically, the chat interface will connect you with other users who share labels and interests similar to yours.

The Best Omegle Alternatives That Exist

Currently Omegle is not the only free website that allows unknown people to make contact through a chat, today there are multiple options that have these same free services.

Making a list of the best alternative sites like Omegle, we can include the following:


Chatroulette is known as one of the best options to talk online through texts or videos. This web service works in a similar way to Omegle, since it is responsible for matching each user with people who share similarities according to the characteristics they provide through the labels they place.


Tinychat is a temporary chat website that allows an individual to contact other people online through the use of text messaging, audio or video calls.

As a main requirement for the use of Tinychat it is necessary that the user has Macro media Flash installed on their computer. It is important to highlight that this website can be used in several operating systems, such as: Windows, Linux and Macintosh, there are even mobile devices that are compatible with this website.

One of the striking advantages that Tinychat has is that up to 12 video and audio rooms can be maintained, and for cases that exceed a dozen users, a chat room is included. Each chat, video or audio window is completely independent.


Chatous is a social chat platform that allows you to meet the infinities of new people through this medium, through Chatous any person who has an account on this website can raise topics of conversation in a random manner. Chatous is not only used as a chat window, since it allows you to share audios, photos and videos that will expire in a short period of time as a means of protection for each user.


Stickam is a website that allows you to host and add various multimedia files such as images, videos and audios, as well as the opening of private chat rooms. Stickam works through a webcam directly.

Among the formats that Stickam allows are: wav, mp3, jpg, avi, mov, mpg, wmv and 3gp files. Each of these can be assigned titles, genres, authors, descriptions and labels in order to customize it at the whim of the user who is sending it.

A particular function that Stickam has is that it accepts the login session using the multiple social networks that currently demand in the market, among these are: Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.


Skibbel is a tempting alternative that is faced with the use of Omegle. This web service allows you to generate and maintain chat with other people through the use of video cameras. When choosing a chat partner you must select the sex of the person with whom you want to start a conversation and soon you will be in the presence of a random person.

The role played by each user in Skibbel is anonymous, so the medium of the chat is safe. If you are chatting with a person and you feel that you do not like this, or simply for particular reasons the chat partner is not nice you can easily connect with another person through a single click. It is impressive how many people make use of this service today.


Chatrandom is a web page that works like a video chat totally random calls. Currently this service medium has a fairly large number of users who are subscribed to this site. This chat alternative basically works in the following way: first the individual must make a personal subscription to the web, then he must press the home page, and later to allow the function of the webcam.


LiveChat known in Spanish as online chat. This is a very popular website that works as a customer service. The tempting thing that this web has is that it allows the monitoring of the existing traffic in the web live and direct, that is to say, in a considered time real, in addition, of the emission of totally integrated tickets, aside from the constant analysis of the efficiency that they contain the Web.

Among the alternatives of Omegle there is no doubt LiveChat, by an anonymous chat assistant, easy and practical to use. Many people are already subscribed to this service.

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